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Welcome to our new website! Because God has a special place for Children in his heart, we have for the past few years been working to put together a Foundation to glorify God in what we do, and to bless His people in His name. In His grace, God has brought us this far and we are so glad to welcome to our website, Facebook page and invite you to follow us on Twitter! That way you will be with us, wherever He sends us.

Lar Foundation facilitates short term missions, trains teams and handles all logistics for those who need to get to where God is calling them to serve.
To say that we are excited about what God is doing is an understatement!  We are so excited, that we are not only sending others to serve, we are going ourselves. It is a joy and a privilege to obey the Lord!  He placed this ministry in our hearts and has blessed us as we worked to make today a reality. It is a dream to be able to serve Him as a family!

With-Susie-Rowan-at-BSFWe are almost done packing, our 9 month old daughter will head out with us on her first mission and we will spend the next three months in Brazil, serving the Lord, however we are needed.

In preparation for this journey, we got to spend time with our friends in Texas and be blessed by their generosity and hospitality. it was also good to expose our dreams and have them pray for us. During this trip we visited two ministries, one that is 50 years old and one which is one year old. They both allowed us to dream much more as we were walking on answers to prayer.

While in Brazil, we will visit with family, churches and friends in Sao Paulo.  We will also visit our partner home, Lar Batista in Belo Horizonte  and we will spend most of our time  at Lar Batista Biblico,in Assis Chateaubriand, my home. There we will receive two teams of 2 and a team of 10 people. We will host a workshop to the local businessmen, plant a prayer garden, train teachers in the school system on how to put on a sports camp and host a large sports camp for children in the community, taking advantage of the great excitement going on in Brazil because of the FIFA World Cup.

There is a lot planned and we could not be more excited.

You can become a part of our team by keeping us in your prayers. We’d truly appreciate that.

You can also click on the DONATE button of our page and help fund our mission!

We will keep you updated in what God is doing. He is making everything new!  Please join us. It will be a fun journey. Casino en Ligne

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  1. Marcy McCartney Warrick

    Excited for you and what an amazing ministry you have! God is good! So proud of you you all!! My prayers are always with you!

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