Some of our partners include:

  • Albert City E. Free Church, IA
  • Swan Lake E. Free church, MN
  • PIBBLA – First Brazilian Church of Los Angeles, CA
  • Churches in Brazil
  • Christ’s Community Church, TN

Partner Homes:


Lar Batista Biblico – Assis Chateaubriand

Lar Batista was started by Pastor Joaquim Fragoso and his family in the 1970s.
From the beginning this place set out to be a faith based home for children as opposed to an orphanage.
By God’s grace and the generosity of many people who have joined Lar along the years, Lar has been home to hundreds of children and  a family that keeps growing.
Lar has hosted hundreds of short term mission teams from several countries and is a family friendly place. Along with teams Lar has reached into the community offering community programs, Vacation Bible schools and  community services. It is good to be blessed, but it is even better to be a blessing.


Lar Batista – Belo Horizonte

Helio & Marcia Fernandes are married and have three children of their own. They are the coordinators of Lar Batista in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Their home is a safe haven for children who come from at risk, very vulnerable and abusive situations. Their place is home for children ages 0 to 6. They are a faith based ministry and depend on the Lord for the provision for their daily needs. Recently LBBH has been going through some renovations to meet the required standards from the government of Brazil.

They have made great progress and their home is becoming even more inviting then before. LBBH needs our prayers and support to continue doing such excellent  job.

Based in Recife, this program aims to support the development of the children of a community in development while living with their family and surroundings. The program comprises of after school activities as well as providing a safe environment for children to learn, play and practice outdoor activities. PEPE is also a faith based initiative which has learned to get their community involved and is always coming up with new and innovative ways to promote community involvement, for the benefit of its children.