All Things New! And Open Doors, Too!

Caregivers at Lar Batista - Belo Horizonte Brazil

Marcia & Helio, Caregivers at Lar Batista – Belo Horizonte Brazil

“I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’ and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth” Isaiah 43:6

This verse fills my heart with joy because it is just  what God is doing for the children in our partner home in Belo Horizonte! Isn’t it wonderful when God allows us to see Him working to make all things new?

A few years ago, Lar Batista, BH had to close its doors due to many new regulations and demands from their local government. Through the difficult two years that it took this home to prepare for the new and great things God has in store for them, they worked very hard to make sure that every detail had been taken care of and that they were ready to pass inspection.

I was able to visit them when they had just closed their doors and although we believed it was for a short time,  I could see the pain in the eyes of Marcia and Helio, as they saw children being sent to other shelters. We have prayed with them through the process and I can say, that I have seen very few people as passionate for children at risk as these two! That is why when someone gave them the nickname “The Incredibles”  I had to agree with them. They know where their strength and hope come from and they not only kept their trust in the Lord, but they also worked really hard to see their doors open again!

In May 2014, I was blessed to go back there, this time with my family! Keith, Gabi and myself were able to visit them during our mission in Brazil. The changes we saw in the place were impressive, but what really caught my eye was how confident they were that God would make all things new and soon they would have a home full of children again. Marcia would say: “Can you just imagine when this place is full of kids again? It will be so much fun!”

I am so glad to say that God heard their prayers and honored their efforts and they have just been cleared to receive 15 new children in the city of Belo Horizonte!

They will receive 15 girls ages 7-12 years old and we are thrilled about it!

God has provided most of the furniture, office equipment and on September 1st, these girls will come home!
All things new sounds so sweet as we look at the traumatic past these girls are leaving behind and look at what God has in store for them.

We invite you to keep them in your prayers as they prepare for a wonderful spa day for the girls. Having lived on the streets and living behind a lot of abuse, pain and shame, they will be met by beauticians, manicures and volunteers who are making themselves available to bless these girls. They are daughters of our God who cares and He is bringing them from afar, to give them a fresh new start!

We thought it would be great for each one to have a kit with personal items, from bed sheets to pajamas, toiletries and anything a girl their age would need. The exchange rate for the US dollar is very favorable at this point, so if you would like to give to this project, your dollar is worth  almost 4x more in Brazil today! Each kit can be purchased for $50  Donate to LAR BH

Please pray and join us in writing a new chapter in his daughters’ lives as God gives them a new beginning!

To God be the glory!
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