A Tribute to Pai

His new life verse is James 4:15 If the Lord wills, we will do this or that!

His new life verse is James 4:15
If the Lord wills and we live, we will do this or that!

The second Sunday in August is Father’s day in Brazil and I have been praising God for my dad and my husband and also thinking about how blessed we are to have them around! I have been especially thinking of my sweet dad. From as far back as I can remember he has been studying and delivering the Word of God.

I remember being very little and hearing him rehearsing his sermons in his office. As a child, I wondered who was there with him that he was confiding all those secrets in whisper form. As I grew up I learned he was in prayer and before the Lord before he would go anywhere or say anything. My memories of my dad are so many, but a huge part of them take place in a church. First as we had to go with him as children, then as he walked me down the aisle to be married and now as I have the privilege of interpreting him when he is in the USA or we have a team in Brazil.

Odds are that our next memories and even our last memories here on this earth will take place at a church, as well, as we continue to focus on God’s words and love for us and His children. As my dad says, we really have no idea if we are almost done on our journey here or if we have a lot more before we are all done here, but at age 78 and having raised close to 700 children,  he recently preached and quoted James 4:15 “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” He is as committed to being used by the Lord as the day he first said yes to His call!

On this Brazilian Father’s day I want to reassure my dad that no matter where we are on this journey, we are in this together and each moment we have, each step the good Lord allows us to take is received with gratitude and love.
Thank you, Pai, for your love, godliness and example of God in my life!
I love you, Pai
Happy Father’s day!
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